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Detailed Server Rules



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General Rules


Death Rules


Base Rules


Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping ETC. Rules


Prop Rules


Party Rules


Job Rules



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#1. You may only self supply yourself ONE shipment of weapons overall! We don't accept aresonals or constant self supplying, you can ONLY self supply ONCE overall! Otherwise you MUST buy it from a dealer from this point on.

For example: You login to the server for the first time, you're a new player, and you wish to supply yourself with a shipment, to get yourself started. This is acceptable, however if you're NOT a new player and you've already DONE this, you can NO LONGER do it again! You have to buy it from a weapons dealer. Plus if you're a new player, and you've supplied yourself ONCE already, you cannot do it again, even if it's within the same hour of you being new, you can ONLY do it ONCE. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#2. Don't be rude towards others, such as players and staff. They're human just like yourself, and you're not the center of attention. So suck it up if you're in a bad mood, if you lost an item of any sort, or someone broke a rule, it's just a game, remember! Of course, if you see a staff member being rude, or isn't doing their job the way you want them to, talk to them politely, ask them why they're being that way, see if they tell you. If they don't and continue to be rude towards you and/or others feel free to make a report about them HERE and it'll be dealt with in a swift manner. Same goes with them being abusive with their powers. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#3. Don't spam the chat, including Voice Chat, adverts, pms, ooc, and so on. This is very obnoxious for players to see and hear. The only Voice Chat acceptable is normal voices, and some silly noises such as animal noises if you're roleplaying as an animal or using a voice changer that makes you able to be understood. Other noises like music, or unintelligible voice changers, or just in general loud ear-rape noises are unacceptable. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#4. Respect the servers rules and management. If you don't like something regarding the rules or management you're welcome to make a thread on the forums HERE and your opinion(s) will be looked at and responded to. But do note you may not get a response you are hoping for, but you also might get a response you were hoping for! (For a simple version click HERE.)



#5. Don't exploit, show how to exploit, or hack. It's fairly simple, just don't, we consider Bunny Hopping (BHOP) as a hack, since our server is nearly impossible to do this with, without an actual hack running in the background. So please don't do this, however there are certain jobs that have a weapon that will make you be able to BHOP without you getting in trouble using a hack. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#6. Don't impersonate ANYONE, not even another player and especially NOT a staff member. Even if you're friends. New players may not take to keen on this and will report you or get a negative view about you. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#7. Sometimes staff may not respond to your call, this doesn't give you the rights to spam admin chat (spamming @), they're not hired workers. They're volunteers, they may sometimes need a break from all the chaos that happens especially if they're the only ones active or if there's a small number active. We don't recruit people who are lazy or just don't care about the players. We recruit people who actually care about the server and players. But they do get overwhelmed. So don't spam them, if they don't respond, they might be wanting a quick break, or aren't there at the current time of your request. However if it's been about 10 minutes or so since your last request of help and they're clearly going to other calls or ignoring you overall, then you have the rights to speak up and make a report about them HERE on our forums and we'll solve this issue as soon as we can. Just keep in mind staff are still humans, not robotic AI. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#8. Don't destroy Radios without an actual reason, it's created a number of very irritated DJ's in the past. Only destroy the radio if they're playing ear-rape, or something that is NOT music related. DJ's MUST only play music, if they don't play music then this isn't acceptable and you're more than welcome to destroy their stuff. Just keep in mind if you do destroy a DJ's radio, they have the rights to retaliate and attack you. Very likely kill you for destroying their equipment! Unless of course they're playing something that isn't music related or is ear-rape. Then this will be considered RDM. (Learn more about RDM HERE). (For a simple version click HERE.)



#9. FAILRP is the same as job abuse. So if a player is being 'corrupt' and they're not allowed to be corrupt, that's failrp also known as job abuse.

Something is considered FailRP when your roleplay character does something improbable. However here on Void we don't have the same rp rules as other servers. Here, there is no FearRP. All other FailRP rules still apply.

When you don't have FearRP on a server, your character is not afraid of death. You can kill your muggers, break free of cuffs, and other sorts of things that would make your character scared for his/her life. 

Metagaming is when you look at the job/playermodel and know exactly what they are. You can break Metagame by committing an act on someone that you could only know if you knew what job they were (e.g. a cop instantly arrests a thief because they're a thief). (For a simple version click HERE.)



#10. RDA can be aggravating for players who haven't done anything wrong. If you are RDA'd just report the player’s name in staff chat and claim they RDA'd you. If a staff member does not respond, refer to rule 7. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#11. Do NOT demote players for rule breaking if a staff is online. If a player is breaking 'RDM' do NOT demote them for it, report them with (@). If you demote them for the reason of 'RDM' you'll be warned for back-seat moderating as non-staff. 

You also cannot kill players if they break a server rule. If a staff member is on, report the offense using staff chat (@). Any kills, arrests, etc, you make trying to be a 'server vigilante' will be counted as normal rdm/rda/etc and you will be punished like normal.

If a staff member is not online try demoting the player and/or votekicking them. You can access votekick by going into the ULX menu (!menu in chat), going to the 'voting' tab, and selecting 'votekick'. If you are to abuse votekick, you will have access revoked temporarily and you will be given a warn. If you do it again, you will have your access revoked permanently. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#12. For sprays you can spray just about anything, just nothing illegal, nothing involving actual gore, such as animal mutilation, or an actual cut, etc., and nothing sexual involving masturbation, or ejaculation or even vaginal fluids. However nudity that isn't graphic is allowed, such as nude poses that aren't doing anything sexual.

This rule is also included regarding fictional characters, not just humans. If do choose to spray nudity the person (or people) in the spray MUST be 18+ no exceptions. If you're spraying someone’s home address or IP, this is NOT allowed either. Spraying any of these will result in a permanent ban and your IP will be reported to the feds. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#13. Don't advertise other community servers, unless it's owned or partnered with Void Community. It's very disrespectful and you'll be permanently banned. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#14. Bodyblocking isn't a disallow in this server. We don't warn players for it, nor do we kick. If anything you're welcome to kill those who bodyblock you. Unless it's One-Punch Man then he's to move when you ask him to, if he doesn't you're to request staff to get him in trouble, since he's to follow STRICT rules. Read more about One-Punch Man's Rules HERE. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#15. Don't be rude and interrupt an admin sit. Bothering a staff member during a sit will result in you getting in trouble. Meaning you'll get into your own sit AFTER their current sit, and it could take them a while depending on what their previous sit involves. So unless you want to be jailed/frozen for possibly half an hour, it's recommended you leave them alone. You are however welcome to just stand near, listen, and watch. Just don't speak or get in the way or try to help, unless they request your help. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#16. If you get arrested and end up not dying after being arrested, and get released. You're given the rights to go RIGHT back to the arresting officer(s) and gun him down. Unless you're Deadpool then you must forget about it and move on. (Read about Deadpool's Rules HERE) (For a simple version click HERE.)



#17. Do not stand on top of short playermodels, as most of them get stuck. Them getting stuck gives you the ability to kidnap or mug them easier, this is NOT acceptable! Of course you might accidentally step on someone, if you do, just walk off. Some jobs that use short playermodels are: Rocket Raccoon, Antman, Groot, Puppy, and so on. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#18. You cannot place down more than 20 Ultimate Printers (this includes Magma ones) on the map, owned by yourself. This doesn't prevent your entire party, just YOURSELF. So keep in mind, you may have as many Printers as you want, but you cannot place down more than 20! (For a simple version click HERE.)



#19. If someone’s hacking an ATM in a mega-base, and whether or not the Owner of the mega-base is involved. The Law Enforcement are allowed to warrant the mega-base to be able to go in and stop the hack as soon as they can. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#20. If an admin claims something isn't allowed, however it isn't in the rules at the current time, too bad, you're to listen to the admin regardless, you're to use common sense. This rule doesn't involve trial-operators and operators, only admins and above. However if you feel the admin is being retarded and making up their own rules like saying "you can't place a hit on one punch man or I'll warn you" then it's required you report them on the site HERE as this is unacceptable behavior. (For a simple version click HERE.)


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#1. RDM: At Void we handle RDM (Random Deathmatch) in a unique way. By this, we mean that certain jobs can kill each other without punishment, such as Gangsters and Mafia. If you are killed as one of these jobs in this way, do not call RDM because staff will NOT respond. However, if you believe that you were killed without valid reason, please ask in admin chat (@). Questions or complaints in OOC/Advert will most likely be ignored.

For example: If you are a Bloodz and Cripz, you are allowed to kill each other if conflict were to occur. If you happen to be one of these jobs (Bloodz or Cripz) you will most certainly die, so do not call RDM. Law Enforcement and the Mafia may also intervene at any time.

However, if someone is mass RDMing, or killing loads of people without a plausible reason, please contact staff using admin chat to have the issue addressed.

If you call RDM too often (around 3 times) and none of your RDM reports have been legit, you will lose access to (@) temporarily and given a warn, especially if they are targeted towards a single player. Repeat offenses will result in a permanent revocation of your @ command and further punishment. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#2. NLR: On most servers, NLR, or the New Life Rule, means that you cannot return to the scene of your death, continue what you were doing, or having any interaction with the player or party members that are in a party with the player who killed you for a certain period of time after you respawn. 

Here at Void, NLR is only enforced in that you cannot kill the player that killed you within five (5) minutes of your death. You are free to return to your base as soon as you respawn and continue what you were doing, such as maintaining money printers, creating drugs, or selling weapons. However you cannot pick up your guns/money that you may of dropped. If the killed player is a Hitman, you are NOT allowed to accept a hit on the killing player during that 5 minute period, or you will be punished with a warn and !jailing of 5 minutes.

NOTICE: Deadpool and Lady Deadpool both follow their own unique NLR, click HERE to read up on their rules. (For a simple version click HERE.)


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#1. One way prop bases are not allowed. They've created too many unfair advantages for those whom enjoy raiding. To understand what this means is, some props when given a material have the ability to be materialized which then creates a 'one way' making it so one side of the prop can show what's on the other end, meanwhile the other end just sees the material making it so they can't see what's on the other side. Plus there's a material glitch with props, where you can do something like this, just by making certain props different materials, and placing them in front of one another. So if your base has anything regarding a one-way viewing, this is not allowed. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#2. Having a fake keypad for your base isn't acceptable. Every keypad you create must open up a fading door right next to it, with either one to two steps, not too far. If a keypad you create doesn't open up 'anything' it's considered a fake keypad. Along with this rule involves, the fact if your keypad opens up something, but this 'something' is deeper in your base after a bit of raiding, this isn't acceptable. For example: You crack the keypad at the entrance of your base, however it opens a fading door in the far back of your base, still covered.

You may salvage your keypads to have maximum amount of them by creating it so you can use the same keypad on either-side of your fading door.

Finally, every keypad you create must have an 'approved delay' of AT LEAST 5 seconds, no lower. You may have it set to toggled, and you may have it longer than 5 seconds. But anything less than 5 isn't acceptable. However since keypads have a 'delay until activated' you must have that set as an INSTANT, you cannot have it take longer than 1 second to activate. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#3. Bases that force players to crouch longer than 3 seconds throughout your entire base, during the entire raid, entering and exiting is not acceptable. To be more explained, if a player is to raid your base, and you have your base very force-crouched focused. Where the player is crouched longer than 3 seconds TOTAL in your entire base, entering and leaving. This'll be breaking the rules. If a player is crouch for a very short amount of time at a certain part, less than 3 seconds, and it makes it so the entire raid won't extend past 3 seconds being crouched, this'll be acceptable.

Plus bases that have invisible props or nearly invisible (they must be VERY visible) aren't accepted, as it makes it very aggravating to navigate, it does help keep track of where the raider and the raidee are but it makes it very annoying to navigate as the raider, therefore making it more of a tedious task than a rewarding task.

Almost done, bases with mazes are on the iffy side of the rules, meaning they're accepted with an exception. This exception is, if you create a maze you 'MUST' get an Operators approval of it. Not a trial-operator rank, an Operator staff rank or higher. If your base is marked as 'not allowed' don't argue, instead fix what needs to be fixed and try again. You may continue to tweak your base as much as you want, until it's acceptable.

Finally, bases that have solid color, solid material, or very trippy potentially seizure inducing materials are not acceptable. Making it a solid color, material, or a trippy material will result in either removal of the color/material OR worst case a removal of your entire base. You'll be more likely to get punished of removal of color/material if it's just a solid color/material. However if it's a seizure inducing material that WILL result in a high chance of a base removal. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#4. You cannot have a building sign when you have items, such as money printers, weapons, and/or drugs placed in your base. If you get raided while having the sign up AND these items in your base, the "No raiding allowed while there's a building sign" rule will NOT protect you, in fact you're more likely to be punished for false usage of the building sign.

If you have a building sign up, you're given permission to prop block your base, to prevent raids and other annoyances as you set it up. However if you have any items placed in your base, such as money printers, weapons, and/or drugs this is not allowed and a staff member will HIGHLY LIKELY remove your props to your base to give a pathway for raiders to get to your items. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#5. Don't abuse fading doors, by this, don't press the hotkey to open up the fading door, making it so you can run behind it, and immediately let go of the hotkey causing the fading door to fade in the prop therefore blocking off a possible chaser/raider. Same goes with pressing your hotkey to trigger a fading door, causing it to fade out, so you can shoot at someone, then pressing/releasing the hotkey causing the fading door to fade back in. Instead use the keypad you provided that opens the fading door. However if there's no chase/raid going on you're welcome to press the hotkey to get in and out quicker and easier.

However regarding fading doors, you're not allowed to have more than 5 maximum. If you're in a party, you're allowed to have more than 5, EACH party member is limited to 5 maximum fading doors. For example you're given 5 maximum fading door. And another party member of yours is also given 5 maximum, they're allowed to use their 5 maximum fading doors to make your base have a total of 10 fading doors. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#6. You cannot own an entire district, unless however you're given permission by a staff member. Before hand though, you need to make sure you can have a player for each building to be occupied in, you cannot own all buildings and claim you're going to occupy all of them. You must have a player to occupy every building in the district you're trying to claim. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#7. If you're to protect your base, you'll need a K.O.S sign to be given the rights to unload your weapons magazine/clip onto them. The sign must be very easy to see, not tiny, it must also be in the front entrance of your base. You must also have a logical reasoning for killing, reasons such as "Looking at base = KOS" or anything related to that is not allowed and is absolutely not logical. The players 'must' be trespassing, on the property your building contains. You cannot claim the sidewalk or street as your property. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#8. You're allowed to create a nocollided prop base. However the props that are nocollided 'must' be very obvious, meaning they HAVE to stand out, either color them differently, give them a different material, or have a text screen saying it's nocollided. Plus your base must be staff approved if you're to use a nocollided prop in your base. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#9. Trap doors in your base are not acceptable. For example, fading doors that are invisible then randomly appear to trap players under stuff, or behind stuff with no way out. This is considered prop blocking, and mis-usage of keypads. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#10. You cannot have floating bases of ANY KIND. To know what a floating base is, here's an example, a base that's up in the sky and has no pillars holding it up. Or having a path-way that's leading up to it. Every base 'must' be grounded, and have believable walkways up to the entrance, along with believable pillars keeping it up as if it's 'holding' the base up. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#11. You cannot have a mega base up in the sky, EVEN if it's following the grounded rules, it'd create unnecessary amounts of frame lag. If a mega-base is found in the sky, it'll immediately without warning be removed. Most of these mega-floating-bases are found in the Plaza of the map we currently use. However there are some in other locations, but more so here. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#12. You're allowed to only have one base to yourself. You cannot make another base and claim more than one building. However if you're apart of a party, and you're to claim a district, you're given the rights to create more than one base, however you must still follow the district owning rules. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#13. You're allowed to mega base, however your mega base is not allowed to have a ton of materials from the material toolgun on it. Along with having a lot of props, try to use BIG props not small tiny ones and make 50 of the same tiny prop. Use big ones, if your base causes frame lag, it'll very likely end up being removed and you'll be told to never use it again. So make sure you make a mega base with limited materials from the material toolgun and by using big props.

Homeless are not allowed to make mega bases whatsoever, they're only allowed to make small to medium sized bases, nothing bigger.

Finally, your mega base must still follow the fading doors limit. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#14. You cannot have a base with tiny gaps to shoot out of, or feet damaging holes. Meaning you cannot have a base with small holes, that only you can see the person out of and shoot at them through those tiny holes. Same goes for where only you can see their feet and shoot at their feet but they can't shoot back. 

You both are to be equal, if the raider cannot see you whatsoever, you're also not allowed to see the raider whatsoever UNLESS you use your camera and terminal system which'll give you the only legitimate advantage. Any other advantage that is unfair and unbalanced is not allowed in your base what so ever and you'll very likely see your base removed completely and your item(s) inside out in the open, along with yourself getting warned. (For a simple version click HERE.)



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#1. You must wait at least 5 minutes before being able to mug another player, after mugging someone else beforehand. If you're to mug the same player again you must wait 15 minutes from the last time you mug them, to be able to mug them again. The maximum mugging price is $50,000 you cannot go any higher, not even 1 dollar higher, however you may go lower. Finally, you must allow players to have at least 5 seconds to react to the mug. If you react under 5 seconds, the logs will record this and you'll be punished accordingly. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#2. You must wait 10 minutes each time you raid a place again. You may wait longer if you wish, but you cannot raid under 10 minutes. However if you're planning on raiding the SAME place again, you must wait at least 40 minutes. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#3. To be able to kidnap properly without consequences, go up to the player, and start your cuff immediately. Once they're cuffed type /advert kidnap and drag them to wherever you wish to kidnap them. If someone’s trying to release your victim while you drag them, you're given the rights to K.O.S them or kidnap them too.

The maximum time limit of kidnapping a player and holding them hostage is 15 minutes, no longer. However if you and the victim are actually roleplaying along you may keep them hostage even longer as long as they're ok with it!

If you cuff a player and they start to immediately break out, or at some point start to break out as you drag them, it's considered FailRP and you're to report it to staff IF they break out fully and don't stop. They're only allowed to start breaking out once you place them in your 'dungeon'. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#4. You must use /advert for certain situations, such as raiding, advertising a shop, mugging, or kidnapping. Using /advert helps log your activities making it less likely for you to be in trouble, it's quite a tedious task but it at least will help prevent you from getting in trouble. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#5. You're not allowed to scam players of items they wish to purchase, for example saying "Selling magma printer for 50 million" and the player drops the 50 million, you take it and drop a cheap bad printer in return and running off. Or having them drop their money, taking it, and running off.

Except if you're one of these specific jobs you're actually given the rights to scam other players, these jobs are: Thief and Professional Thief. No other job is allowed to do this! Plus you cannot make the scam deal on another job, then switch to Thief or Professional Thief and carry out the deal. You MUST be on one of these two jobs at the START of the scamming.

Finally, if you switch to a Thief or Professional Thief, make the scam, then switch back to a job that cannot do the scam. This is also not allowed. You must at least be on Thief or Professional Thief for at least 5 minutes after the scam. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#6. When you're raiding, you're not allowed to inventory anything. You must carry out the item(s) with your gravity gun outside of the place you raided. Then you're allowed to inventory it. If you're found inventorying during a raid you will get those items wiped from your inventory, and you will be warned. If you keep doing this your entire inventory will be wiped, including your inventory bank.

Plus if you're the player who's being raided, you cannot inventory any of your items, you must leave them where they are and let the raider(s) attempt to take them. If you're found doing this, and the raid is successful, you'll be forced to drop your items and you'll be warned. If you KEEP doing this, you'll also be given a wiped inventory and inventory bank. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#7. Before you're allowed to immediately K.O.S players for stalking you, a player spamming SWEP vocals (for example homeless vocals, vape nation king, puppy, and so on), or a DJ following you around playing music. Or players spamming vocals. You must do /advert warn and give players 3 warnings before you kill them. You cannot do /advert warn 1 2 3, you must do it like this: "/advert warn 1", then type out "/advert warn 2", finally type out "/advert warn 3" after warn 3, you're given permission to kill the player or kidnap them. This same rule is applied for Law Enforcements, they must warn a player 3 times before they arrest or kill them to holster their weapon that they have out. 

If however a player retaliates during you giving out /advert warn and attacks you, you're given the rights to immediately attack back. It's highly recommended you bind your hotkeys to automatically say /advert warn as players may immediately turn around and unload their weapon onto you. Finally you must wait 5 seconds in between each /advert warn. (For a simple version click HERE.)


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#1. Invisible props of any kind are not allowed. If you wish to see what's on the other side of the wall, you must use the camera and terminal provided to you in F4 menu. If you're found using invisible props, even partially hidden but still able to see through is not acceptable.

However if the props are half invisible and half visible these are acceptable (such as props that can be seen through but are VERY obviously a prop, as some materials can do this, along with tweaking settings on the color tool). Make sure the props are actually very easy to notice as being props. The vol light material is not acceptable as it's practically invisible. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#2. If you're a runner, or have a saber, or the ability to fly or climb high, or stuff like that. You must have the ability for players to get to your base. Plus you cannot make it so the players have to 'parkour' to get to your bases entrance, you MUST make it very easy for them to gain access to your entrance. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#3. Don't prop minge. For example prop climbing, prop spamming, smashing props on the ground, prop blocking, spawning random props in places that aren't your property, even Homeless cannot do this, they must spawn props around where they're building their 'home'.

If you have a base, and it fails to have a fading door, due to you not knowing how a fading door works, it's required you contact staff for assistance. To do so type @ in the chat before your request, for example "@I need help learning how fading doors work" and a staff member will respond and help you out as soon as they can. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#4. You cannot spawn a prop outside someone elses base, even as a homeless, and then make it so you can then materialize it so you can see through their props. In fact you're overall not allowed to spawn a prop outside of someone else’s base, of any kind. You cannot even prop block their cameras to 'hide' your raid. To hide your raid, just shoot their cameras out. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#5. No one is allowed to build on the sidewalks or streets. Not even the Law Enforcements. Those are to remain open for players to travel through with ease. They may only be blocked off if it's a district that's being claimed. Unless it's the district that involves the bank, then there must be a pathway to and from the bank, that's fairly wide to make it very easy to access and to prevent bank raids.

However for Homeless, they may build on the streets, but they cannot block off both the street AND sidewalks, they must have one or the other opened so players can have ease of access. (For a simple version click HERE.)


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#1. If you're with a group of friends in a party, and you decide to mug a player, your entire party is mugging the player, which means the mugging countdown starts for everyone involved in the mug. Not just the person who typed /advert mug, it counts for 'everyone'. For example: Bob and his friends are mugging Jim, which means Jim is being mugged by more than one person at the sametime. After the mugging finishes, no one else in Bob's party is allowed to mug Jim again until after the mugging timer in the mugging rules. Even if a player leaves Bob's party, they will still need to wait the remaining time to be able to mug Jim again. (For a simple version click HERE.)


#2. During a raid with your party, your advert has to include "party raid" in it, or everyone else in your party must type 'raid'. For example you and your party wish to raid, you must type /advert party raid, OR everyone has to type /advert raid. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#3. Each party member is given the option to have 5 fading doors. Which means every player has their own 5 maximum fading doors limit. So if you and your friend are in a party that'll be 5 + 5 which'll equal 10, so you'll have a maximum of 10 fading doors then. As you'll both be using your own 'fading door limit'. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#4. You and your party cannot keep placing the same hit on a player over and over. If you (the party leader) or a party member of a group places a hit on someone, no one in your party is allowed to place a hit on that same person until the hit cooldown is over. If someone leaves the party, then places a hit on the same person, they still have to wait the cooldown timer. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#5. If you and/or your party is found trying to find loopholes or exploits in the server, you and your party members WILL all be punished. Even if one of you gets banned, you all get banned. (For a simple version click HERE.)



#6. You cannot inventory your own party's printers (unless given permission by the owners of the printers) if you inventory them without permission your entire inventory will be wiped clean, and those whom you stole from will be refunded. This also includes leaving the party and inventorying everything. (For a simple version click HERE.)



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