Platinum Job Rules

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Platinum Job Rules



1. You're an excellent sniper, with the ability to use a grappling hook at her despense.

2. Take hits, get to proper locations, ontop of buildings, or anywhere. And take the shot.

3. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.. UNLESS you have a hit on someone in the location you're needing to raid. Otherwise just walk on by or flip them off.



John Cena:

1. Build an Arena somewhere or buy a home and make it into an Arena.

2. Select your fists, and right click, once the music begins start punching EVERYONE in your Arena.

3. You cannot use any other weapons other than your fists.

4. You can mug/raid/kidnap etc.



Mister Meeseeks:

1. All Meeseeks are KOS if they're spamming vocals or their guns.

2. You cannot go around randomly killing (obviously). This job has similar rules like Pingu.

3. Feel free to annoy the hell out of people.

4. You cannot use your Meeseeks gun without Lord Meeseeks active. When you have access to it however, you're not allowed to randomly shoot it, unless it doesn't harm players.

5. You can mug/raid/kidnap etc.



Postal Dude:

1. Postal Dude is meant to be used as the main badass job.

2. However, since using him as an event has become rather... tedious he's now a job.

3. A very powerful, almost overpowered job infact.

4. Do NOT go on RDM sprees 'just cause lol'.

5. Do NOT kill Duke Nukem or Johnny Gat.

6. You're technically a 'god' make all your enemies worship you.

7. You're allowed to raid/mug/bank raid/kidnap. Basically anything criminal.