Platinum Job Rules

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Platinum Job Rules


Professional Thief:

1. You're the best thief there is, take what you please but stay undetected as best you can.

2. Use your ability to climb escape better than any other thief!

3. You can raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.



John Cena:

1. Build an Arena somewhere or buy a home and make it into an Arena.

2. Select your fists, and right click, once the music begins start punching EVERYONE in your Arena.

3. You cannot use any other weapons other than your fists.

4. You can mug/raid/kidnap etc.



Ball Girl:

1. Good god, I have no idea why this is made.

2. Shoot your uh, balls out at people... they'll damage and bounce a lot.

3. Be a weeb?

4. Don't randomly shoot players for no reason other than to kill them or to 'play' with them.

By 'play' with them, I mean them grabbing the balls you shoot and throwing them back at you?

5. You can only use the ball gun.

6. You can raid/mug/kidnap etc. However during a raid, you can't spam your balls. Same goes with you being raided, you can't spam them making it impossible.