Platinum Job Rules

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Platinum Job Rules


Professional Thief:

1. You're the best thief there is, take what you please but stay undetected as best you can.

2. Use your ability to climb escape better than any other thief!

3. You can raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.



PayDay Gang:

1. Rob shops, but don't kill any civilians if you possible. However some may need to die.

2. Rob the bank, but becareful you will alert the Law, they wont let you go free.

3. Team up with other criminals to pull off successful heists.

4. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc. However you may ONLY raid shops, drug labs, and the bank.



John Cena:

1. Build an Arena somewhere or buy a home and make it into an Arena.

2. Select your fists, and right click, once the music begins start punching EVERYONE in your Arena.

3. You cannot use any other weapons other than your fists.

4. You can mug/raid/kidnap etc.




1. Don't randomly or immediately cuff players and/or arrest them. Warn them first.

2. Players who are wanted are to be detained. However if they don't give up without a fight. They're an immediate K.O.S.

3. Warrant a players home if you have actual evidence involving a crime they're commiting. If you hear something being 'cooked' that's not solid evidence.

4. Only 'wanted' a player if they've commited a law that's illegal. However some may get automatically marked as wanted.

5. You're not allowed to be corrupt.

6. Follow the laws either the laws on the law board and/or by typing !laws.

7. If you or another companion make a checkpoint outside the Police Department. It CANNOT involve a K.O.S of ANY kind. Unless a player pulls a gun out during search.