Diamond Job Rules

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Diamond Job Rules



1. Build an Arena somewhere or buy a home and make it into an Arena.

2. Select your fists, and right click, once the music begins start punching EVERYONE in your Arena.

3. You cannot use any other weapons other than your fists.

4. You can mug/raid/kidnap etc.




1. You CANNOT kill anyone who's health is above 30HP. Unless they assault you first.

2. You'll be notified with text on your screen when a player is 30HP or lower. At that point you may kill them and avoid being warned for RDM.

3. You're NOT allowed to use any other weapon besides your Scythe and fists.

4. If someone kills your target before you, you're allowed to kill them, but you MUST know who did it, you CANNOT guess.

5. Have fun against Athena, she'll counter you and heal those near death. Preventing you from being able to kill them.

6. You cannot raid/kidnap/mug etc.





-Human Form-

1. Live your life as best you can, build, raid, etc.

2. You're allowed to use guns, you're basically a Citizen.

3. However if you're unarmed and feeling threatened

(such as being shot at, threatend verbally and physically, being raided, being mugged, etc.)

Go ahead and change, you'll stay this way for 10 minutes regardless of morphing to wolf form or human form.


-Wolf Form-

1. Beware while in Wolf form, you're to K.O.S everyone, and you WILL be a K.O.S yourself.

2. You're NOT allowed to use any other weapon other than your 'fists'.

3. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.




1. You're a hitman, have fun.

2. Fun fact: you can cloak with your sword to help you with your Hits.

3. Don't /advert a god damn thing.

4. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.. UNLESS you have a hit on someone in the location you're needing to raid. Otherwise just walk on by or flip them off.


T-800 Terminator:

1. You're the Terminator, the good one, not the bad.

2. You're to be a bodyguard of anyone of your choosing.

3. Once you're guarding someone you're to guard them with your life at all cost. Kill those who threaten them, or harm them.

4. You cannot mug/raid/kidnap UNLESS the player you're guarding is allowed to raid/mug/kidnap.



Queen Prostitute:

1. Get people to fuck you, behind the alley or in a building.

2. Have a decent price, or an expensive one, you are the Queen of all Prostitutes after all.

3. You may of noticed you have a Drilldo and a knife, use those to kill people who refuse to have sex with you, or insult your performance. Use the Drilldo on Males and the Knife on Females.

4. You can raid/mug/kidnap etc.