Obsidian Job Rules

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Obsidian Job Rules


Corvo Attano:

1. You're a hitman, one with a super natural ability to teleport.

2. You can use any weapon at your disposal besides explosives.

3. You cannot glitch into other peoples bases or teleport in without being invited in. If you're caught doing this you'll be banned from this job.

4. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc. UNLESS you have a hit on someone in the location you're needing to raid.



Xenomorph Six:

1. You're a type of horror job, and will be hunted by anti-horror jobs.

2. Do not abuse the use of your tail attack (your secondary). Only when you're being under attacked by an anti-horror.

3. You may use your primary attack as self defense.

4. You cannot use any weapons besides your claws and tail.

5. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.




1. K.O.S all Horrors, do NOT attack anyone else.

2. If you're assaulted by someone who ISN'T a Horror, show them hell and unleash death upon them.

3. You 'can' team-up with other horror jobs, but you're mostly a solo-anti-horror job. (You're not partied with other anti-horrors).

4. You cannot raid/mug/carjack/kidnap etc.



Rocket Raccoon:

1. You're a little shit Raccoon. Steal things, mug people, just in general be a piece of shit.

This doesn't mean go around being a jackass verbally.

2. If you're caught stealing, run. Use the Rocket Launcher for protection, never to start a fight.

Only use it to protect yourself if you're caught robbing.

3. You can use the majority of weapons, except explosives and automatic shotguns.

4. If players stand ontop of you, tell them to get off (as this is NOT allowed and is breaking server rules). However, you also can immediately kill them, you will NOT get in trouble for RDM.

5. You can raid/mug/carjack etc., but you cannot kidnap.




1. Don't spam your potatoes for the fun of it. Treat them as a gun.

2. Feel free to spam your 'I'm Vegan' voice line, but you may get killed for doing so!

3. You can raid/mug/kidnap etc. However during a raid, you can't spam your potatoes. Same goes with you being raided, you can't spam them making it impossible.